We transform classic instructions to interesting and fun games that will inspire your employees and customers to delve into the instruction. This game may be an explanation of how to use a service or product, but it can also include policies or procedures which should be learned.

Who we are
InstructieGames is the latest service from Islandworks. We are a young tech and serious gaming business in Arnhem, which focuses on innovative learning of knowledge. We do this from our passion to gain knowledge and develop new insights. Our passion is to make fun learning experiences in innovative ways, such as using e-learning, serious gaming, but also to apply gamification solutions.

What we do
We make your instruction game based on your instruction or course. The game get's developed in only five workdays. Developing a game is no mere job. It normally is an expensive and long process. But to make it more interesting for small companies and schools we though up InstructieGames. How does it work? To keep costs low we developed a short intake and process. Did you get excited? Fill in the request form, once you finished we will review it and discuss it. Everything alright? Give us a go and it takes only five workdays until the game is ready. Once the game is ready you can use it immediately. When we start building the game until the present the game to you, there are no additional contact moments. Do you want more contact? Please contact Islandworks for a custom offer.

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