Why are there no contact moments?

Before we get started building your game, we briefly review and discuss the game with you. After you have send us the inquiry request, we review it and respond to it. After you agree we will start building your game. Once the game is completed you can review it and request revisions up to three times before we deliver the final game. This way we are able to deliver the game in a short amount of time for this low cost while preserving the quality.

Can I still change after ordering parts?

After you send your request we will review it and you can still add changes. When you agree on our response we start developing the game. You can't change the order on this point. If the game is ready to play you can review it and report minor changes or problems. You have up to three revision for this.

How can I use the instruction game?

You can share the game through a URL or a group of users. Users can play the game in the classroom or at home on their mobile or PC devices.

How often can I use the instruction game?

The game will remain valid for at least a year for you and your users. After the first year it will be valid until the next major version of InCourse. During this time frame, you can use the game as much as you want with audience you specified in the application form

Is the whole game instruction from me?

The game is your but runs on the InCourse platform. There you can freely use and adapt the game.

Who is InstructieGames?

Instruction Games is a service of Islandworks . Islandworks is a serious game studio that focuses on the transfer of information to people through the use of playful methods. For the development of games we use InCourse, instruction tools and other equipment Islandworks already developed in the past.

How does the payment process work?

You will be asked to pay after we have responded on your game request and you have had contact with us. You can do the payment thorugh PayPal or credit card. Once approved by PayPal, we begin the development of the game.

Can I pay in installments?

As we build the game in five workdays with the current price it is not feasible for us to let you pay in installments. If you would like to pay in installments and you have a slightly larger project then please contact Islandworks directly.

Can I cancel the order?

You can cancel up to the moment you pay. Once PayPal acccepts your payment we start the game develoment immediatly.

I would like to make an appointment, could I?

To create a physical appointment, please contact Islandworks for a custom game. If you want to ask some quick questions please contact us at support@instructiegames.nl.

I am unable to upload graphical content, what can I do?

If you are unable to upload illustrations or other files send us an email at info@instructiegames.nl. It is possible that the files are refused on the website related safety measures.

I want to convert my instructions to games, but I do not know what kind of game it should be.

There is no issue. If you give us all the details about your instruction we will design the game for you. We ensure that the game suits the subject and audience. We communicate the idea before you agree to discuss about what we have in mind.

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